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Private Lessons
The private singing lesson gives the singer the opportunity to develop healthy singing skills for his/her unique vocal instrument in a one-on-one partnership with the teacher.

The principal goal is to be able to sing with your optimal sound with the greatest ease…AND for the rest of your life!

TTSS private lesson singers come from all areas of singing and performing:


Career-track young singers
Performing arts schools
Gospel and church soloists
Rock or popular bands
Professional and amateur musical theatre
TV and film
Personal development for the joy of singing!

Linda with Student

Each lesson follows the specific needs of the singer and can include:


Songs / Repertoire

  • Singing exercises which develop vocal range, strength, colour and timbre
  • Tone production and placement
  • Understanding the anatomy of the singing voice
  • Breathing and breath support skills
  • Phrasing and musicality
  • Using the ‘belt voice’ effectively and safely
  • Freeing the top of the voice
  • Understanding and integrating the three vocal registers
  • Ear training to keep things ‘in tune’
  • Eliminating former ‘bad habits’
  • Musical theatre, popular and jazz standards, art song, oratorio, opera, traditional folk songs and more – it’s all possible!
  • Learning about different singing styles
  • Improving diction, dynamics, interpretation, and communication
  • Exploring singing in other languages --- eg, Italian, Latin, Spanish, German, French ...


     ♦   30-minute lesson    $40 
     ♦   45-minute lesson    $60 
     ♦   One hour lesson     $80 

Please call the Studio, 416-455-9238, for available times for private lessons.

Please see the Policies page for more information.

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